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Monday, December 12, 2016

Who's The Real Monster? / Flash Fiction (500 Words)

N-No this can't be happening. I can't end like this!” My skin slowly turns a pasty green, the infection spreads. “Come on! I'm a scientist, I should know how to fix this!” Desperately grabbing a nearby syringe filled with mysterious liquids.

The project was rushed, and the only test subject available was myself. “This better work..” A moment of hesitation passed, then I continued to inject the substance into my arm. Taking in the pain, I glance over to the spot. “It.. Worked?” Silently staring at the random spots of green scattered all over my body, I froze. “It didn't work all the way..” I proceeded to grab tattered cloth, and cover up the hideous spots the infection left. “.. I should be dead right now, but I'm not?” I questioned myself, as I clutch onto the handle of my bag, and reveal a gun in my sight. “Yeah.. This would come in handy, so I don't accelerate the infection.” I cocked the handgun, and walked out of the pharmacy, it was cold and lifeless, and behind those doors were the undead. Which could be considered lifeless too. “Great. Like it wasn't bad enough.” The moving corpses didn't notice me at first, they were too distracted by the group firing off guns. This would give me enough time to escape, I should use this opportunity wisely. As I proceeded to walk off in the opposite direction of the group of maniacs, someone clutched onto my wrist. “Wh-What.” The only thing I could mutter out before having my mouth covered.
“What even are you?” He questioned, while eyeballing my mysterious patches of green skin. “You are half zombie, are you?” He laughed. “That's so pathetic.” Raged fueled me, and I proceeded to bite into his hand, causing him to scream. “WHAT THE HELL?! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!”
I heard him yelling, as I sprinted away, and I wondered to myself. “..Did I infect him?” Pacing around in a circle, I stare at my skin. The specks of green enlarge rapidly, meaning the infection is coming to kill me. “Is this it for me?”
“NOT TILL I GET THROUGH WITH YOU!!” A voice was coming towards me, speech filled with anger. I stood my ground, awaiting the arrival of the man. He came closer, teeth marks on his hand, and green circles splattered around his skin. “LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME! YOU INFECTED ME!! YOU STUPID ZOMBIE!!”

The words stung. I'm not a zombie! .. I'm still human.. I am.. The infection was consuming me, and rage only sped up the process. As I watched the last bit of my skin turn from white to green, I knew what was going to happen. “I'll show you a monster..”


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