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Monday, December 12, 2016

The Incident That Changed Everything (1000 Words)

I'm still shocked by the accident, even though I seem to be okay. But this isn't my body, nothing is the same as before. I know for a fact that I'm not even supposed to be alive right now. As I was staring into the mirror, with my new figure, hazel eyes, mouth, freckled nose, and now I'm a brunette? But I still have the same memories from my past life, how?

I didn't want to die, hell, I tried to prevent it the best I could, but I had no other choice, it was either me or him. Instead of keeping my body, I kept my memories? But who was this person that I'm in? It doesn't matter anyways, she belongs to me now. Frustrated, I sighed, and looked away from the mirror and headed into the living room. Does anyone even know who she i-- who I am? The rooms are empty, and so was my contact list on my phone, only a pharmacy number was in the recents. There are pills scattered everywhere, she was on heavy medicine. She died, and no one even came to her rescue.. That's why they let me have her body, because who will even notice the different? It's not like she has any friends or family. I walked over to the couch, and proceeded to sit down. Taking a moment to take all of this in. I should stop moping around, I know who will make me feel better Jasp-- Wait.. Will he even know me? I denied the fact. “Of course he’ll remember me! How could he ever forget this fac--” I sprouted up from the couch, and shouted. “He’ll definitely remember my personality! It's what he fell in love with, right?” I paced around the room, and complementing whether to call him or not. “N-No I'll just send him a text to meet somewhere.” I sighed. “That should do it, right?” Jasper replied shortly, agreeing to meet me. “Time to get ready!”
Almost immediately, I started to throw on some comfy clothes and fixed my hair in a messy bun. Usually, I would try to dress nice, but for Jasper, I'll need to dress comfortably. Grabbing my phone and purse on the way, I walked towards the meeting place. The place was a small, computer cafe, where Jasper and I would hang at all the time. I glanced through the windows, and saw Jasper hanging at our usual table. Excitedly, I ran through the door, ready to hold him tight. Then, I stopped myself, realizing that he doesn't know me. Calmly, I sat across from him. “Hey, my name is Kae-- Katelyn. You are Jasper, right?” He didn't respond, but instead passed a death glare my way, his eyes were cold. He was definitely not in the mood for this, meeting strangers that is. “O-Oh, Uhm, You are probably wondering how I knew Kaethe. Well, she was.. My step-sister! Yeah.”
He rolled his eyes. “Bullshit. She would have told me about that.” In a strict tone, he asked. “What did you waste my time for? Huh? If you knew Kaethe, then you should have known she’s dead! I loved her more than anything!” Jasper was attracting attention to himself with all of his shouting, and the dramatic standing up out of his seat. “You probably don't even know Kaethe!”
Matching his anger, I yelled just like him. “Yes I do, because I am Kaethe!” Tears were forming in the corner of my eyes, and dripping off of my chin. “I am Kaethe.. I'm sure of it.”
Jasper’s eyes gleamed in the light, his eyes were puffy with bags underneath. “No you are not. Kaethe is dead, and there's no coming back from it.”
Overwhelmed, I cried out to him. “But.. Jasper.” He didn't reply. Instead, he looked at me with disappointment, turning his back towards me, and walked out that door. H-He doesn't believe me, he hates me.. “No! I can't let him get away..” Leaving everything behind, I raced after him. Everyone’s eyes were following me from the moment I ran. I can't let him go.. I can't. Jasper slouched as he walked down the sidewalk, I caught up to him and latched onto his back. Crying, I clutched onto the back of his shirt. “You st-stupid idiot!” My hands tightened. “What happened to our promise?! The one where we promised to stay together, no matter the circumstance!” My voice became softer, with sadness filling the words. “Just because I look different.. Doesn't mean I'm not the same person!” Slowly letting go of my grasp, I stood there as I watched my tears made small stains on the cement. “D-Do you not love me, anymore?” Desperately yelling out, hoping he would say at least something back, anything would work.
Jasper turned around, glaring into my eyes filled with tears. I slowly raised my head up to see Jasper tearing up. “Ja-Jasper..” Stuttering as I wiped off the tears from underneath my eyes.
Jasper was speechless, but the emotion in his eyes never lied. He was happy. Clutching onto me, holding me tight. “Kaethe! I thought I lost you.. I did lose you. You idiot! Don't ever do something like that again..”
I was happy, overjoyed, with tears streaming down my face. “You know I can't make any promises.” I chuckled, burying my face into his chest.
Jasper laughed. “I know.”


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