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Monday, December 12, 2016

No Evidence Left Behind / Flash Fiction (250 Words)

You know, everyone always thought I didn’t exist.. “Don’t pay mind to him.. He’s weird.” They would always say, never talking to me, didn’t even glance my way. I would have never thought that it would come true. I am invisible to the human eye, no one ever notices my presence. Which, it does work to my advantage. Cleaning the blood off my blade, I stare at the lifeless corpse. “... What a shame.” Rolling my eyes, I continued. “You probably didn’t even see it coming either.” Examining the corpse’s face with the tip of my dagger, I left a mark on the right side, resembling two X’s with a Y right beneath it. “Maybe someday, someone will know me.” Two police officers run in, inspecting the place for any clues, but they won’t find any, all my traces tend to disappear, even without cleaning them up.

The officers chat among each other, one examining the body, not even seeing the symbol I left. The other, well, he’s dead now. As soon as they separated, the officer was shot straight through the head, it couldn’t have been me, since.. well, I don’t even have a gun. A small group of three man, loaded with weapons, and with peculiar masks covering their identity, walk in. The leader of the group, wearing a lion mask, shot the other officer, leaving there to be no one in the room, except for me. The leader signals for the others to fan out in the room, taking any and all valuables they can, but one stops in their tracks and stares me straight in the eye, the one with the peacock mask. Being drenched in blood, and holding a grimsley stare with the small, but sharp blade in my hands. He was ready to shoot. Suddenly, the lion roars at him, telling him to stop procrastinating.
Placing one finger upon my lips, I made a shushing noise, as I grinned deviously. “Shh.. Don’t want the lion to eat you.” I chuckled, making my way over to the peacock. “.. You can’t hit something that doesn’t exist anyways, right?” His friend, the girl with the dober mask, made her way over to peacock. She was making sure he was okay, but he was too busy freaking out over me, and why can only he see me? As he was about to mention me, I wave my fingers back and forth. “Non, non, little peacock. It’s not nice to share secrets.” And proceeding to drive my sacred dagger through his belly, watching him spurt blood all over me. “That’s very rude. Don’t you know how hard it is to clean blood out of the clothing?” I sighed, doing little tricks with my dagger and wiping off the stains on the thigh of my pants. “You should know not to pay attention to me, because what you know, will kill you.”


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