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Monday, December 12, 2016

Goblin da Vinci - Fiction Story

The entrance to The Louvre was only one step away, the building was glowing with golden lights, looking magnificent in the moonlight. This was larger than I would have ever imagined it being, especially compared to just examining pictures. Glancing over to Jasper, he was giddy with his blue eyes gleaming with excitement. Jasper has been wanting to go here since he was a kid, being the adorkable nerd he was, of course, he would. Jasper would ramble on about this place and all the masterpieces it contained, so to make him happy, I asked him on a date and surprised him by taking him here… And he wouldn't shut up since.

Jasper smiled. “Thank you, thank you so much, Kaethe!!” He stared over to the entrance once more, smiling brighter than ever. “Can we please go in now?!” Jasper clutched onto my hands and dragged me through the doorway, leading us into a room filled with golden floors and walls. Overwhelming at first, but it is an enchanting sight to look at, besides for the scale of the room, there was marble statues and potted ferns scattered around the place.. And there was a small staircase positioned in front of us, just a few feet away from us.
Jasper gaped at the astonishing view. “Woah..” After taking in the setting, he grinned with his round eyes and brought his hands to his cheeks. Not even with him saying a word, you could see the gleeful look that was presented on his face.
Chuckling at the child-like wonder he was revealing, I decided to mess with him. “Wow, and we haven't even seen any masterpieces, and you are already excited.” Jasper nodded in agreement, still amazed by the beauty when he dawdled inside. I traded smiles with him as we walked up the steps, satisfied with the fact he was already having fun. He looks so adorable..
Reaching atop of the staircase, our view expanded to where we could see many more crowds formed and dispersed across the floor. There was still the same theme going on, with statues and plants, everywhere you look. There was only one unusual object, and that was the four-dolphin fountain formed in a circular shape, with each one spewing water out of their blowholes. “We need to go explore the place!” Jasper exclaimed, looking all over the area, then halting his movement, as he found another pathway. “This way!” Yelling, as he grasped onto my arm without hesitation, and yanking me up several more stairs, until we reached the peak, and the only thing left was a doorway leading into another room. “I can't wait! All of the famous paintings, we will get to see!!” Jasper eagerly said, he reached for the doorknob, twisting it slightly to reveal one of the most largest hallways, that either of us have ever seen.
The thought of us getting lost in this museum, just because Jasper couldn't contain his excitement, made me laugh. “Jasper, shouldn't we have asked for a tour guide or something?” Asking curiously, as we wandered down the hall and examined the interior, there was display cases filled with ancient artifacts and decorative paintings hanging on the walls. Oddly enough, they weren't a part of the museum, otherwise there would be information slates explaining them, or at the very least some kind of title telling us it’s label. Not paying much attention to what was exactly in front of me, as Jasper was directing me with his hand-holding, I observed the surroundings on the outskirt and flying by the same old junk, but there was one that stood out. Only catching a glimpse of the object.. It looked magical with a purple aura.
A wave of terror washed over me, just the power that thing had was.. Scary. While I was horrified, Jasper was getting anxious, he was glancing at each wall every time something new came into our vision. Jasper never did have much patience, and he was becoming just a bit frustrated, even though we hadn’t even been in this building for twenty minutes. “N-No there's no need for a tour guide, I'm pretty sure one of the art rooms are here somewhere..” Halting in his footsteps, he beamed up with excitement, his mouth wide open. “Look! I’m pretty sure that’s a door over there.”
“Really?! That’s great!” Pleased with the fact, that we could put an end to this endless walking. “You know, I was also getting real tired of seeing the same furnishing every two seconds, they might as well be a checkpoint.”
Following Jasper to the opening up ahead, getting a closer look, the knob was rusted and already disconnecting from the hinge. The door itself was contrasted out of wood, which was now rotten and it looked like someone took out their frustration on this wooden plank, with bloodied spots where knuckles pounded once before. Jasper gulped. “.. You know, I’m fine with walking for a while longer.” He backed away from the door, and started to mosey his way down the hall.
Clenching onto the hood of his coat at the last second, I managed to tug him back towards me. Smirking deviously, I gazed straight into his eyes, and laughed. “If you make me walk down that endless hallway any longer, you will regret it.” Jasper was speechless, as he stumbled backwards. “Come on, it’s probably just decorative painting, to make it look more spooky. It is close to Halloween after all.” Reassuring Jasper to the best of my abilities, and it worked, just as I thought it would. He sprung up, just as excited as we entered the building, he was ready to charge through the door and see all the glorious artwork. Yeah, that’s definitely not paint, but I have to see what’s up with all this.. Creepy stuff going on around here.
“Well, what are we waiting for then! Let’s get going, Kaethe!” Shouting with enthusiasm as we yanked the door open, the door itself crumbling in pieces in front of him, and he still ventured forth and.. well.. He managed to wander straight into a snare. Causing him to instantly be tangled up in the air with his arm and foot being tied into a knot. The look of shame was now placed onto his face, wondering what mess he has gotten into now. “Well, Kaethe.. I kinda told you that there was something wrong with this room. Mind getting me down?”
This wasn’t really the time to be saying “I told you so” Jasper. Instead of rushing to his side to assist him with this troublesome mishap.. uh.. well.. I Instead told a bunch of puns. “Pfft, Wow.. You sure got yourself in a mesh. Just hanging around, huh?” Jasper was already fed up with this, and pierced me with his disappointed stare. “Alright, alright! You could at least have appreciated my puns.. They were extremely well thought out.” Strolling over to Jasper, I made sure to avoid any other possible traps. Luckily, that seemed to be the only one around this area. “So.. uh, how do I get you down? I didn’t exactly bring a knife.”
“Well.. You could try to look around this room for something to cut me down with. If I was you, please hurry, because my brain feels like it’s going to explode.” Signaling the agreement, I marched forward into the unsuspecting darkness. Jasper’s yelling stopped me in my tracks. “It would probably be better to use your phone light!”
Sh-Shut up, I was totally going to use it! I was trying to be dramatic! ” Pouting at my stupidity, Jasper smirked. “Yeah.. Sureee whatever you say. Be careful, alright? You don't want to end up like me.” He chuckled, and I slightly laughed while using the flashlight that came with my phone to lead my way into the unknown. Venturing deeper, I couldn't grab ahold of the size of the room. It seemed.. Larger than what I thought it would be. Shining the light to my nearby left, there was a bureau with one absent drawer towards the bottom, with there only being two that I was able to raid through. I extended my arm out to slide open the first one, before I could reveal what was in the container, Jasper’s shouting set me back. “Hey, Kaethe! You still alive in there?”
“Yeah! But if you scare me again, you won't be!” Angrily hollering back, I proceeded to open the drawer. Unsurprisingly, Jasper caught me off guard once again with his yelling. “O-okay! I'll just hang around till you get back.. That's fine.” This time, while snickering, ongoing with my search.. My laughing came to an end, as I ogled at the disgusting mess that was stored here. What is this stuff, something that crazy people would have.. That's what. There was bottles filled with a variety of organs, mostly hearts.. That were still beating. Dismembered rabbit feet and pig tails, which were beside piles of herbs and crystals. The most interesting object was an aged book with strange symbols on the cover, with the title written in latin.. saying “Quam ut occidere coboli” with smaller words right below it, reading “Hoc.” Reaching for the book, a glint gleamed in the corner of my eye, it was.. a blade! With satanic symbols in the center, and dried blood coating it. Strange.. but it's better than nothing.
Snatching the dagger, I darted back to free Jasper from the malicious clutches of the rope. Out of breath, I finally found the familiar place once more, the only thing that was wrong with the place.. Was Jasper wasn't there. There was segments of discarded rope and some fresh blood stains on the floor. “Jasper.. Where did you go..?” Taking a deep breath, and eyeballing the splashes of blood making a noticeable path, there was nothing to do, but follow Jasper’s life essence that was slowing draining out with each minute passing. “Uh.. Do I really have to do this..? ..Ugh of course I do, this is Jasper I’m talking about.” The door was ajar, allowing a small amount of light to pass through. “There’s my exit, I should get going.” This is going to be tedious. I unenthusiastically said, with a fist raised in the cheering position. “Woo.. Jasper, I'm coming..”
Exiting the room, I saw a blood trail leading down the unexplored hallway.. Besides for the fact that Jasper is down there now, but I doubt he will remember a thing.. You know being unconscious and all. “Hm.. I should just follow the scent of death, and I’ll find him?” If he dies from this, that would be pathetic. I mean, yeah, I love him, but I would like to be saved once in awhile.. Instead of always being the savior. Strolling down besides the speckles of blood, which could easily be mistaken for red paint in the museum, something caught me off guard, a sharp sting hitting my leg, causing it to bleed. “O-Ow! Was that a… The head of a switchblade?” I would know, since this wasn’t my first time getting stabbed with..well, a weapon. Looking behind me, there was nothing in sight.. No weaponry.. No person. Only my leg becoming magically injured out of nowhere, and assuming that I was slowly becoming crazy. “That’s strange..? I swore there was something there.” There’s no time to waste, I will worry about this later. Continuing on with my journey, my leg ached with pain, but I managed the strength to keep going.. until there was something that caused me to trip. Losing conscience on the sudden impact, the last words that appeared in my head was.. Come on now, not again.

“Ugh..” Suddenly waking up in an unfamiliar room, my hands and legs were restrained next to planks, with my body standing up vertically. The sudden realization ignited me, I sprung up instantaneously. “Huh?! Where am I?! What am I even tied to?!” Struggling with all my strength, it did nothing but tighten the ropes into my wrists and ankles. “Greaaaaat.
Out of the shadows, there was a woman with fascinating purple hair and silver highlights as bright as the moon. The way she dressed.. was peculiar, as she was wearing a dress with the same color as her hair, but it seemed witchy. “Hello.. Kaethe.” She laughed, her voice emotionless, besides for the evil intentions occupying her mind.
“You know, I would just love to hit you right now, if it wasn’t for this rope.” Trying my best to provoke the mysterious person, I had my best fearless face on. “Would you mind telling me your name? I would like to make sure that I put the correct one on your grave.” I smirked, pleased with the insult I came up with on the spot.
Nothing phased the lady. Instead, she snickered, mocking me. How I could do nothing, but watch. What is she even going to do, kill me? “That’s exactly what I’m going to do.” She grinned, expecting me to be terrified. That didn’t do it though. She expects me to be frightened over a little mind reading, pshh as if I would ever be, it’s probably just a cheap spell anyways, to make her do it for a short-period of time. “Hmph, you are a tough nut to crack.. and quite knowledgeable about supernatural aspects.. I’m glad, it’ll be more fun this way!” She snickered. “Anyways, if you must know. My name is Aaliyah Yrecros.. One of the most powerful witches in the century, the only thing I needed to conquer the world.. Was this!” Aaliyah shows off some small rock of sorts, radiant with purple, caused from the crystal lodged in the center. Wa-Wait is that?! “Yes, Kaethe! It’s that object, that you caught a glance of... it was on display afterall.”
I scoffed, but then my mind followed what she had been previously saying. “Wa-Wait, you were watching me?!” Aaliyah was flustered, preparing to defend herself, but giving her no opportunities to plead, I continued. “Seriously though, what the hell were you doing?!” Taking a moment to think, the thought struck me. “Were you stalking me?!” Anger was controlling my speech, the thought of someone following in my footsteps consumed me.
Fazed by the sudden accusation, Aaliyah sighed, saying some strange words, and repeating them over and over again. “pretioso resurgere a mortuis , et ipsam animam mortuum non licet !” Aaliyah’s eyes went completely black as she spoke those words. Unleashing power onto the world, who knows what she could have done.. It’s not something that anyone could do. Thinking of the worst to come, I closed my eyes to have a feeling of safety. The chanting lowered with each time it was said towards its completion.. To my surprise, when it was almost as quiet as a whisper, the last chant came around, and Aaliyah screamed demonically, causing my ears to feel as if they were bleeding.
Assuming that Aaliyah was done with her satanic ritual, I opened my eyes to see the outcome of the chanting. There was.. Nothing. I laughed at her failure, feeling the need to tear down her self esteem. “Ha! Wow, and just for a second there, I actually thought you was scary!” Just by the looks of this, Aaliyah had already been defeated. With my constant laughter, Aaliyah smiled faintly, giving me a grimace. My snickering diminished slowly. Seeing how unphased Aaliyah was, I silenced myself for what was to come.
Aaliyah guffawed. “You actually thought there was going to be nothing? Hah, you wish.” Yeah, I did wish, actually. Without enough time to say my sassy remark, I was surrounded by silence. Aaliyah began speaking gibberish again, but I was too busy to notice the words she was saying. I commenced with my plan to escape by observing the area, there was nothing that was distinguishable in my sight that would be able to set me free. In the corner of my eye, however, there was a mirror reflecting Aaliyah and some small, strange creatures. Are.. those goblins.. and are they invisible? The face of disgust appeared on my face, followed by a short pause. “Did you seriously recruit goblins?” I chuckled. “I mean, come on. If you are going to defeat me, you’ll need more than that.”
Aaliyah stuttered, surprised that I figured out her master plan. “Wh-What, uh ho-how did you figure that out?” She frantically searched for objects in the area. Unsuccessfully, she stared back at me with worried eyes, scratching the back of her head.
Rolling my eyes at her stupid mistake. “It’s not like you don’t have a humongous mirror in the corner of the room. Honestly, I’m surprised I missed it when I first awoke.. but then again, you did distract me with all this mumbo jumbo.”
Wh-What mirrors give them away? I-I thought…” Aaliyah desperately clung onto words, thinking of any possible way out of this. She hesitated, but not before long did she walk over to the mirror and shatter it. Glass shards flew everywhere, but more so over Aaliyah, who was standing directly under the destruction as it happened. Her body coated in cuts with pieces of glass sticking out, and a single, gigantic shard managed to slice her head clean off from her torso. Sounds of anguish were heard, repeatedly in different tones. Without the holder of the stone, the goblins can’t exist in the world.
“Well.. That just shattered my dreams.” Jasper walked in, stretching his arms out. “You know, I really wanted to do that myself.” He sighed, striding over Aaliyah’s corpse, halting in his footsteps to shatter the purple crystal fixed into the stone. “Huh.. Surprisingly fragile.” He continued with his actions to stroll towards me. “She deserved that for ruining our date.” Jasper smirked, and proceeded to clutch onto my hand, to place a tender kiss upon the skin. “You okay?”
I was suspicious about how calm Jasper was being, usually he would have at least freaked out a little. “Jasper.. You are okay with this?” I questioned him, gazing into his stone cold eyes, which were now dull gray, instead of his dazzling blue.
He chuckled, his eyes glowing with colors. “Well.. When someone tries to mess with my girlfriend, I tend to get angry.” Jasper paused, looking a bit anxious. “O-Of course, I know you can take care of yourself. You are strong like that.” Jasper turned back into his usual self, he smiled, and so did I.


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