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Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Just Leave Me Alone..." -Sonnet Anti-Love Poem

Sonnet Poem - "Just Leave Me Alone..."
You don't know me,
You wouldn't understand,
You can't unlock my heart with a key,
So don't touch my hand.
My heart had been broken too many times,
Only if...
I had a dime,
For everytime I had layed in bed stiff.
Only if my life would be at ease,
My life have been rough,
So just leave me alone...please,
Is my story amusing enough?
Just leave me alone and go,
I just want to relax in the snow.

"Jurassic Park." -Ballad Poem For The Creators.

Ballad Poem For The Creators Of Jurassic Park - "Jurassic Park."
Oh, what is this game,
I only know it of its fame,
It is called Jurassic Park,
You should see it when it's dark!
With all the dinosaurs that roam,
You just want to be safe back at home,
Hoping you would survive the night,
Standing there in fright.
Almost like you are paralyzed,
Even though most of them are quarantined,
You can't believe what is before your eyes,
While Laura Sorkin wants it decriminalize.
Into a nature preserve,
She doesn't want the dinosaurs to be observed,
And all of these scenarios,
Just for a can of embryos.

Friday, January 16, 2015

"Prom Night." -A Free Verse Poem

Free Verse Poem - "Prom Night."

Flowers are red,
Daisies are blue,
So will you accompany me tonight,

As my bride?