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Growing Up BioGamer Girl

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Incident That Changed Everything (1000 Words)

I'm still shocked by the accident, even though I seem to be okay. But this isn't my body, nothing is the same as before. I know for a fact that I'm not even supposed to be alive right now. As I was staring into the mirror, with my new figure, hazel eyes, mouth, freckled nose, and now I'm a brunette? But I still have the same memories from my past life, how?

Who's The Real Monster? / Flash Fiction (500 Words)

N-No this can't be happening. I can't end like this!” My skin slowly turns a pasty green, the infection spreads. “Come on! I'm a scientist, I should know how to fix this!” Desperately grabbing a nearby syringe filled with mysterious liquids.

No Evidence Left Behind / Flash Fiction (250 Words)

You know, everyone always thought I didn’t exist.. “Don’t pay mind to him.. He’s weird.” They would always say, never talking to me, didn’t even glance my way. I would have never thought that it would come true. I am invisible to the human eye, no one ever notices my presence. Which, it does work to my advantage. Cleaning the blood off my blade, I stare at the lifeless corpse. “... What a shame.” Rolling my eyes, I continued. “You probably didn’t even see it coming either.” Examining the corpse’s face with the tip of my dagger, I left a mark on the right side, resembling two X’s with a Y right beneath it. “Maybe someday, someone will know me.” Two police officers run in, inspecting the place for any clues, but they won’t find any, all my traces tend to disappear, even without cleaning them up.