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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Wolf Among Us

    Wolf Among Us is made by TellTale games, also the creators of The Walking Dead game. You are this sheriff named Bigby trying to solve a murder case on a series of death of hookers. While the town he lives in is called FableTown, all of the people living there are fairytales from stories. Such as the big bad wolf.

The Walking Dead 2

    As this sweet little girl named Clementine is faced with the zombie apocalypse and with the loss of her favorite friend Lee. As Lee taught Clementine many skills of survivals and left her with some trusted group members as he died. Clementine learns how to survive on her own, but she finds some great friends along the way.

The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead is a choice, zombie apocalypse game. The main character of this game is a man who was just heading to prison. The man named Lee was just in the back of a police car talking to a nice police officer when a zombie was in the middle of a road. The police car crashes and ends up in on the side of the road, in a forest.